Science and Religion

Harry Carlson

The Science and Religion group started in 2015 to inquire into the question, "Are science and religion supportive of each other or not?"  As a civil engineer, I have an interest in science and cosmology.  As a practicing Christian, I have faith in the Resurrection.  Recent discoveries in the cosmos and quantum physics lead me and others to the belief that science and religion are not at war with each other.  So a few of us from St. Boniface and from neighbors here at Brandle Meadows Condominium began meeting at my condo on Monday evenings.

To begin, we selected a DVD course from the Teaching Company.  It was  a twelve-lecture series titled Science and Religion taught by Professor Lawrence Principe of Johns Hopkins University.  He holds Ph Ds in Organic Chemistry and History of Science.  Now we are nearing the end of a 24-lecture series titled The Old Testament presented by Professor Amy-Jill Levine of Vanderbilt University.

Lectures are about 40 minutes long and afterward we discuss questions posed by the presenters, have refreshments and let the discussions flow.  

Currently we are viewing the History Channel's DVD series Engineering an Empire most recently, CARTHAGE.  Next Monday, CHINA.  

While not focussed on religion, most of these programs are about civilizations in the ancient world before and after the birth of Christ.  They help us see  more clearly the world in which Christianity began and blossomed in.  Likely we will finish the series in may.

     There are no prerequisites other than curious interest and there is room for several more women and/or men.